Your Life Now…

Your Life Now Is The Direct Result Of Your Best Thinking… Ouch

Ouch… did that last part sting a little?


I know that was the same reaction I had when I first heard that.  Now don’t take it the wrong way and start thinking to yourself that I just insulted you.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

With that said, I do need you to open your mind a little to what I am about to share with you.



Who you are is not really who you are.  Actually, who you are right now is a reflection of you choosing habitually based on your experiences, what you’ve been taught, and what you’ve observed over years.

You see as a child up to the age of roughly five (some of you maybe earlier), you lived your life totally free.  There were no limits because whatever you felt like doing you did until you started hearing “NO”.  Once you started hearing this, things around you started to change especially if things you couldn’t do came with some sort of repercussion.  You began to conform to the environment around you, as well as adopt your parents beliefs and behaviors that were passed down to you.  This was the first form of programming or conditioning.

After that, you got exposed to others such as teachers, friends, extended family, and situations that dictated how you should behave.  I’m not saying that those were bad things but just want you to realize all of the stuff that has been programmed into your mind that you did not put there.

Ummm….. let me see if I can say this more clearly.

When you get a computer or cell phone, you have probably noticed that there are programs or software there that you did not install.  Someone thought it would be useful for you to have.  Maybe it is and maybe it isn’t, but regardless you didn’t put it there and it is weighing your system down.

It’s the same way with your mind.  You are walking around with software in your head that you didn’t install.  Just as some of that software on a computer may be useless,  in a lot of cases the same is true with what we are holding in our minds… which forms our belief system.

Your belief system controls your actions.  Let me say that again.  Your belief system controls your actions.  So if you are walking around with a limiting belief system, then you will act accordingly.  For instance, have you ever heard any of these….

        • Money is the root of all evil
        • Money doesn’t grow on trees
        • Save your money for a rainy day
        • The rich get richer and the poor get poorer

If you have heard any of these, these are all things that have been downloaded into your mind and ultimately your belief system.

Now think about this, just because it has become a part of your belief system does not mean that it needs to stay there.

So, sit down and think about what limiting beliefs you may have and why you think what you do.  What are some of the sayings that you have heard over the years in regards to money?

Now think about it in terms of building your business.  Have you told yourself… who am I to be rich?  If so, why don’t you think you deserve this.  Is it because you don’t think you’re smart enough? Maybe you tell yourself you don’t have as much education as say a Joe Blow.

We all have some limiting beliefs but the key here is to be aware that you do.  Once you realize this, you can begin to remove those things that don’t fit.  Ever heard of the delete key?  Do some house cleaning and delete those things that aren’t true so that they don’t paralyze you.

May, 13, 2014