Why Blog And Why You Should Have A Blog For Your Business

Well first things first, let’s start off with some basics. Unless you’ve been living in a cage somewhere
or under a rock, I’m sure you’ve heard of the term blog. Maybe you’ve even played around with one. If so,
that’s cool. You’re that much ahead of the crowd but the question still remains...

Why blog?

So, let me just say and you’ll find this out about me as you continue to read more of my posts. Sometimes I get
a little curious ( I said sometimes (smile) ) and want to know stuff like what does that meaning the word stand
for and where does it come from. So naturally, I looked it up. The word blog is actually a truncation from the
word weblog.

So you say ok… so what? Well, I want you to get something here because it will help you to understand why
and why you should have a blog for your business.


A weblog is a discussion site or an informational site published on the internet. It has multiple posts and is
frequently updated. Now what I just said is very important… discussion site…. informational site… and frequently
updated. You see for business, it’s not about you just putting random posts out there. It’s about discussion or
offering some information of value that will help your potential customers and or clients. It’s very important that
you get this point. Once you do, you will begin to understand why blog in the first place.

As a business, you don’t want to treat your blog as a personal blog. Tons of those out there discussing recipes,
rants and raves, etc. In fact, that’s how blogging started… but as a business these are definitely not the type of
entries we want and you’ll see why shortly.

Ok so now that you have had a little history lesson and you know what not to do, let’s get into the nitty gritty of
why blog and why you should have a blog for your business. If you’re in business or starting a business the main
reason you are is to make money. Now there may be some other reason as well such as you want to help people…
but keeping it real, you’ve gotta eat and that requires mola.

In order for your business to make money, that requires customers and in order for you to get customers that
requires a constant flow of visitors to your site that converts into leads for you. Now don’t miss this part because
visitors are not leads and visitors will not get you paid. Visitors can come to your site and never return leaving
you with no connection to them at all. It’s what you do with those visitors that will move you towards the sale.

Hence, we come to the first, well second goal of your website… the first being to inform and educate. But the
second is to turn that visitor into a lead. A lead is a person that raises that raises his or her hand and says hey,
I like what you got and am interested in learning more. Once they do that, you can capture them in the form of a
name and email address…

... email address being most important. This will allow you to reach out to them in the future.


Now think about the implications here. If you do this right, you create a huge list of potential customers and
clients. LOL! I see the wheels churning. Are you feeling why you should blog? I mean you don’t just put one up
for the sake it. There’s a reason to the madness. LOL! And it has to do with leads and sales. Your blog is your
24/7 marketing machine that brings in visitors all day and all night long and converts those visitors into leads
that you can connect with and follow-up with.

So let’s talk about the connection. Having a blog is an opportunity for you to develop and foster and deepen
customer relationships. Your blog will allow your customers to get to know you, your products and your
services as well as allow you to build trust with them. In addition, it will allow you to engage with your
customers by responding to comments or questions.

In addition to the connection, having a blog will help to position your company, your brand as the authority
meaning the go to person or the expert in your particular field or niche. Once this happens, if you do it right,
you can watch the money roll in. You might be wondering, how do I establish myself as the go to person?
Simple. You share your expertise, experiences, tips, and strategies on your products and services but not as
it relates so much on the actual product or service itself but what it will do for them… what will they get it
out it… how will it benefit them.

I mentioned turning your visitors into leads and I also mentioned watching your money roll in. There’s a gap there
because in order for you to see the money, you have to convert those leads into sales. And absolutely, your blog
can help you do that but there are some steps in between to get you to that point. You have to offer valuable
content and also offer content that will offer solutions to your readers’ problems. Once you do that, your readers
will see you as a valuable resource and will be ready to buy.

There are many other reasons why you should blog but the most important ones are to get visitors to your site,
to turn those visitors into leads and to turn the leads into sales.

So, I hope you have found this post Why Blog And Why You Should Have A Blog For Your Business helpful and
would love to hear your comments below.

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