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Small businesses and large corporations are being sued for not having an accessible website at an alarming rate. Learn how to make your website accessible and avoid being sued.

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Beyonce`, Hooters, Hulu, Sephora, MIT and Harvard... what do they all have in common?

In January 2019, Beyonce` was sued for her website failing to comply with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). Other brands such as Domino's Pizza, Avanti Hotel, Helzberg Diamonds, Home Depot, Chick-fil-a are just a small sampling of the mounting lawsuits and they aren't slowing down. In fact, lawsuits are on the rise with small businesses being targeted as well. In 2017, the federal courts saw an increase of 185% in ADA lawsuits. That number is now up to 200%.

If you own a small business and have a website, you could be at risk of also being sued thousands of dollars. Many businesses don't even know that they are at risk. That's why I've put together this free workshop so that you can learn one... if you are ADA compliant and two... steps to take if you aren't ADA compliant and how you can avoid a lawsuit.

Who's Else Has Been Affected By
Law Suits

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Think only large businesses are affected... think again. As a matter of fact, this is a global issue. If your website targets customers from around the world, you may need to know the accessibility laws in other countries. The UK and Canada, for example, are starting to enforce accessibility.  Attending this workshop can save you from being sued for thousands of dollars.

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Who Is...
    Juanita Dailey
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Juanita Dailey is a former Software Engineer with over 15+ years of experience. She has a Bachelor's degree in Information Management with a concentration in Systems Programming and an MBA with a concentration in Project Management.

She works with small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them establish a powerful online presence with their websites and other digital platforms. She creates websites that convert and helps entrepreneurs and small business owners to do the same. She is especially passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners not only build a business but build a digital empire to help them achieve financial independence.

What Others Say


Juanita is a very incredible person. In the time I have spent with Juanita, I have learned a great deal from her. She is always willing to share her experience and her knowledge, assisting all of us to prosper together, and she does this with humbleness and a sense of humor. I am very grateful to have Juanita as a business colleague. I would recommend her to anyone in business, training, and as a friend.

Cheryl Adams 

/Business Owner


Juanita is a success driven individual making a positive difference in the world. She offers special training and services to help individuals enrich their lives and achieve their goals. Her goal is to inspire and empower people to be multi-dimensional success stories and to live their dreams.

Georgi Merrigan
/Entrepreneur & Business Owner


Juanita is a professional in her business. She extends herself to others in support and training. She is upfront and honest, and is someone who we can all count on. Juanita rises to challenges when they are presented to her and always a warm ray of sunshine on the other end of the phone. If you have the privilege of working with Juanita, you can consider yourself very fortunate.

Annette Kennedy
/CEO Independent Cleaners

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