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Empowering kids through interactive, content-rich, high quality incremental lessons. Learn phonics, vocabulary, reading, speaking and much more. This course lays the foundation that makes learning & speaking English fun and much easier.


Crystal Clear Curriculum

Offering a high quality curriculum with dynamic, interactive step-by-step lessons professionally designed to ensure steady progress in all four language acquisition skills, with a heavy focus on speaking.

Level 1

Level 1

Level 2

Level 2

Level 3

Level 3

Level 4

Level 4

Level 5

Level 5

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We strive to provide high quality virtual classes that fosters a love of learning by creating a nurturing and inclusive environment. Our classes help students develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills that lasts a lifetime. 

Level 1

Here's what we cover in Level 1... 


Unit 1 - Listening and Interactive skills
Unit 2 - Introductory Phrases
Unit 3 - Letters and Sounds /Aa/ -- /Cc/
Unit 4 - Letters and Sounds /Dd/ - /Ff/
Unit 5 - Letters and Sounds /Gg/ - /Ii/
Unit 6 - Letters and Sounds /Jj/ - /Ll/
Unit 7 - Letters and Sounds /Mm/ - /Oo/
Unit 8 - Letters and Sounds /Pp/ - /Rr/
Unit 9 - Letters and Sounds /Ss/ - /Uu/
Unit 10 - Letters and Sounds /Vv/ - /Xx/
Unit 11 - Letters and Sounds /Yy/ - /Zz/
Unit 12 - Introductory Phonics

Level 2

Here's what we cover in Level 2... 

Unit 1 - Who Am I?

Unit 2 - School

Unit 3 - Colors

Unit 4 - My Family

Unit 5 - My Friends

Unit 6 - Food and Drink

Unit 7 - My Feelings

Unit 8 - My Neighborhood

Unit 9 - Weather and Seasons

Unit 10 - Farm Animals

Unit 11 - Wild Animals

Unit 12 - Transportation

Level 3

Here's what we cover in Level 3... 


Unit 1 - Days and Months
Unit 2 - Clothing
Unit 3 - Body Parts
Unit 4 - The Senses
Unit 5 - Celebrations and Holidays
Unit 6 - Animal Bodies
Unit 7 - Mammals
Unit 8 - Birds
Unit 9 - Reptiles
Unit 10 - Ocean Life
Unit 11 - Plants and Nature
Unit 12 - The Environment

Level 4

Here's what we cover in Level 4... 

Unit 1 - Our Earth

Unit 2 - Travel

Unit 3 - Hobbies

Unit 4 - Jobs

Unit 5 - My City or Town

Unit 6 - My Culture

Unit 7 - How Animals Move

Unit 8 - Animal Homes

Unit 9 - Animal Helpers

Unit 10 - Folktales

Unit 11 - Fables

Unit 12 - Myths

Level 5

Here's what we cover in Level 5... 


Unit 1 - My Family
Unit 2 - My Friends
Unit 3 - Stranger Danger
Unit 4 - Health and Exercise
Unit 5 - Helping Others
Unit 6 - Useful Inventions
Unit 7 - Our Earth
Unit 8 - The Importance of Plants
Unit 9 - The Importance of Insects
Unit 10 - Our Solar System
Unit 11 - Sound and Light
Unit 12 - Outer Space

What They Say About My Classes

“Very good teacher! Very patient and responsible for students! Teacher Juanita lectured very carefully, very interesting! Voice and emotion, pronunciation, clear, rich body language, children like it! Has become a child's exclusive teacher! Thank you very much”


“Thank you, Juanita! We love you!”


“One of my favorite teachers! Enthusiastic teacher! Teachers and students so happy. Thank you teacher! Timely affirmation and proper guidance always makes her full of confidence”


“The teacher is very lively. The child likes!”


“Teacher is always dynamic and full of energy. Not only does the teacher have the energy to keep up with the child's demands, she corrects the child's pronunciation and require the use of sentences. One of baby's favorite teachers! Thank you for your class! We like the Phonics course very much, which is good for children to practice spelling and help memorize words. Thank you for your enthusiasm, guidance and patience!”


“Good teacher, patient, professional, always accompany us!”


“A favorite teacher”


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This is a semi-private package. It consists of 30 classes. It is great for you if you have a sibling or friend that is also interested in learning English and wants to take the course with you. 

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About the Teacher

Juanita Dailey

Juanita has a a multitude of certifications in English ranging from phonics, pronunciation, grammar, reading and more. She has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Information Management with a concentration in Systems Programming and an MBA with a concentration in Project Management. She also has over 15 years of experience as a Systems Analyst, Software Engineer, Teacher and runs her own Web Design agency. Juanita has taught ESL, programming, and Zumba Fitness classes at the university and elementary levels to kids ranging in ages 4 - 14 years old. 

Her teaching philosophy is that learning should be fun. When learning is fun, this makes it easier for the student to learn and to cultivate a love of learning. She helps students achieve confidence and fluency in speaking English through structured, dynamic, fun and engaging lessons so that they enjoy speaking. She can't wait to be apart of your child's learning experience to help them develop and become fluent with English. 

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