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Ranked As #1 by Flex Jobs In Forbes And The Top 100 Remote Work From Home Companies For ESL Teachers. I Used Them As A Side Hustle To Pay Off Bills And Fund My New Business... What I Got Was More Than I Expected!


And Start Earning

If You're Looking For An Extra Income And A Job

  • That offers a flexible schedule where you can work from anywhere you like
  • That lets you set your own schedule and work as few or as many hours as you like
  • That allows you to earn up to $22 an hour
  • That allows you to teach without spending hours preparing




The Best Company Ever...

I love working for VIPKID because...
- I get to choose my own schedule
- I have the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world
- I get to make an everlasting impact on students, ages 5-12 in China

Current Employee - English Teacher in San Francisco, CA

Best Stay At Home Job!

"Work from home or while traveling"
"Easy training process, fun curriculum, no lesson planning, great support from HQ, easy to teach, great pay"

Current Freelancer - Independent Contractor in Waterford, MI

Flexible, good pay!
100% flexible schedule, Very good pay for working from home in your sweatpants!  Fun! Very fun! It's completely legit (for those saying, "It's gotta be too good to be true" - like I was saying before I applied and got hired). You build amazing relationships with students and families on the other side of the world.
Rewarding... watching students finally get a concept, or pronounce a word or letter sound they've been working on forever. Joyful. Students LOVE you. Teaching these students brings me joy literally every day. You make your own schedule, pay is very good, and the work is rewarding. No lesson planning. Company listens to teachers- example: recently an "emergency" button was added after teachers got together and requested one via social media and hutong.

Current Contractor - Teacher in Buffalo, NY

The Best Company Ever...

Full-time classroom teacher, I joined VIPKID as my summer gig - or so I thought. Working here is almost addictive. In fact, I just quit my classroom teaching job to work here full-time, as a contractor. You have the autonomy to set your schedule, create your "classroom" and props, etc, or use ready-made materials. Lots of support from the local and global VIPKID community. Work from home and get paid really well. Or, travel and still work. American teachers, the Chinese will pay you what America won't.  Fun little contests and raffles, random prizes keep things interesting.  As a classroom teacher who just resigned - this company affords me all the wonderful things I love about teaching without all the BS. You will be working with motivated and invested students/parents. I highly recommend getting the TESOL VIPKID certification. 

Current Contractor - ESL Teacher in Kansas City, MO


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