Tips For Effective Med Spa Marketing

Aesthetic medical spa treatments are becoming increasingly popular, the industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years. With more and more people opting for various cosmetic and spa treatments, there has been significant growth in the medical spa industry. Experts from Marketdata and AmSpa project an 8% growth in the industry through 2022. Leading to an industry worth nearly $6 billion dollars a year at that point.

The growth in the medical spa industry has been prompted in large part by physicians beginning to recognize this as an effective alternative revenue stream. While this is good news for the industry as a whole. It has represented a huge increase in competition for business. Many medical spa owners have had a harsh time as they have lacked a competent med spa marketing that would have allowed them to compete effectively. Thankfully there are many effective ways to both attract and retain clients. Here are ten medical spa marketing tips, that have a proven track record of keeping spas ahead of their competition while increasing new patient acquisitions.

#1. Build your brand name.

When be up against steep competition, every day can feel like a battle. The first thing you need to carry out to win this fight, is to build both your brand's name and reputation. Research has shown that you have 10 seconds to produce a first impression. In addition you need to make five to seven good impressions before people begin to recognize your brand. Online reputation management should be at the center of any current marketing campaign.

#2. Your digital identity is important.

With over four billion people actively using the internet, without a solid digital identity a medical spa cannot compete, never mind survive. A professionally built and designed website will act as both a storefront for your business and a tool for your marketing strategy.

#3 Offer people helpful content

Offering your clients helpful content to read is one of the most underrated, under utilized, yet most effective ways of persuading potential clients. Conversion driven content can cost over 60% less than some outbound marketing strategies and can generate three times as many leads.

#4 Spend your money locally.

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is now an integral part of any promotional campaign. Research by Search Engine Land showed that over 80% of google searches conducted by smartphone users conduct near me searches.€ People want convenience, designing your med spa marketing campaign accordingly is a successful strategy

.#5 People trust their social media feeds

Over 90% of small businesses have a social media presence. Facebook is far the most popular medium, employing an effective target social media advertising campaign can prove to represent an excellent link between your med spa business and new prospects.

#6. Online advertising works

Facebook is not the only avenue for online advertising. When you combine a meticulously designed online advertising campaign with your existing online presence, paid advertising can allow businesses to reach a demographic that they may have been missing. Using all the analytical tool as your disposal, will help keep your ad campaigns visible and targeted towards generating convertible leads.

#7 Do people still use email?

Businesses tend to forget that with the rise of instant messaging and social media, Billions of people all over the world nevertheless send and receive emails every day. Planning smart, correctly initiated, targeted email marketing campaigns can both drive and nurture business in a way that other mediums fail.

#8. Word of mouth will always work.

Regardless of the benefits of online platforms, you have to back up any online advertising campaign with some offline support. Old school word of mouth marketing campaigns, with an online twist is still an extremely powerful tool. People listen to their friends, families and colleagues. This will never change, but this can be a double edged sword, word of mouth can make or break a local brand.

#9. You have nothing without your reputation.

A recent survey showed over 80% of people said they trust online reviews and ratings. Actively encouraging happy clients to leave reviews and testimonials plays a vital role in any successful med spa marketing strategy.

#10. Keep you existing customer base happy.

According to the American Med Spa Association over 70% of all medical spa visits are repeat business. If you cannot retain your existing clients, what hope does your business have? Customer Relationship & Retention Management meetings should be a weekly occurrence in your business and any marketing for med spas strategy should also reflect this policy.

If you work in the med spa industry and you would like to learn more about the services we offer that will help grow your med spa business, schedule a free growth and profitability session.

Aug, 04, 2020