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The Window: Enjoying The Journey

Today we are going to get a little deep.  Let me first start off by asking… Do You Enjoy The Journey? You’re probably saying to yourself, “What’s she talking about?” Well continue reading and it will all become clear. I found this interesting story today and wanted to share it.  It is so applicable to this […] Read more

It’s Time To Bring Out The Real You

I Love, Love, Love to Laugh.    Watch this quick clip below.  It’s hilarious.    LMTO! Who thinks of this stuff?  Obviously, this guy has a lot of time on his hands.  Can you imagine working at a Drive Thru and this happens???  And the expressions of the workers… Priceless! Personally, I don’t think I […] Read more

Learn 7 Characteristics Of A Profitable Business

Here’s a quick audio for you that will help you to build your business. Have you ever wondered why one business takes

Dec, 08, 2014


Your Someday is Today… Your Someday is Now, Period!

Someday, when my ship comes in… Someday, when I have the money… Someday, when I have the time… Someday, when I have the skill, the confidence…

Dec, 04, 2014


Crafting Your Success Story

New to the online arena?  Or maybe you are a veteran? No matter which group you fall into, in order to become successful online you need to be able to connect to your potential prospect or your audience. This can be done by telling your story.  Many people can relate to you when you do this […] Read more

Nov, 12, 2014


Hilarious Baby Moments!

Gotta have those funny or hilarious moments!  And you get plenty of those when you observe babies and animals.  LOL! I came across this funny video and no matter how many times I watch it, I simply can’t help myself.  I crack up all over again 🙂 So, I wanted to share it with you. […] Read more

A Simple Traffic Generation Strategy

Hey, I’m all about getting traffic and learning more about the best ways to get traffic to your site. There are so many ways to

How To Get Started With Instagram Marketing

One thing that is lacking in people starting online businesses is the fact that they don’t really know how to market.  

Oct, 27, 2014


Network Marketing Success Tips For Newbies

Struggling with Network Marketing or Your Online Business? Ever wanted to just pull your hair or heck just go crazy because you can’t quite get it.  You can’t quite pull off the success you have been looking for in your business.  You’re almost there and you can feel it, but there is just something missing. 

Failing In Your Online Business?

Ever wondered why so many people continue to fail? Think and Grow Rich states… The reason why poverty still clutches the throats of so many in this land of abundance is because so many have yet to comprehend and apply the mental laws.  Many, unfortunately, have not fully understood the premise: First the dream, then […] Read more

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