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You Could Be Losing Money To Your Competitors

If you don't have a website, you are leaving money on the table.  In fact you could be losing money because your customers don't see you as a credible option to buy from.  These days it's not enough to be in business, your potential customer needs to also be able to find you online and if they can't, they will wonder why not and you could lose the sale

So what do you do to Build Credibility and Increase Sales?!!!

Why get a WEBSITE, of course!!!

Having a website will increase your credibility, put you at the 

fingertips of your potential customers 24/7 and increase sales.

But I can't afford a web designer right now and I don't even know

where to start.  Well, no worries. That's where I come in!

Hi I'm Juanita Dailey

I'm a former Software Engineer with over 10+ years of experience. I have a Bachelor's degree in Information Management with a concentration in Systems Programming and an MBA with a concentration in Project Management. Knowing that I wanted to one day call my own shots, I turned to entrepreneurship when I was forced to make a choice to move to some gloomy dismal place or be laid off. For me, that was not happening. Instead I decided to move where I wanted to live and not have someone else call the shots on my life!

That's why I love working with entrepreneurs such as authors, coaches and consultants as well as small business owners. I know what it's like to have the freedom to do what you want when you want and call your own shots. I enjoy helping my clients get to this point by first establishing a powerful online presence and then taking them a step further to not just build a business but create financial independence through building their own digital empire.

Did you know that over 50% of small businesses do not have a website? 

Did you know that 60% of all small business owners don't have a mobile friendly site? 

And did you know that 26% of small business owners can't be found in an online search?

Guess what... more than ever before people will research your business online

before they ever make a purchase.

By not having a website, you are missing out on exposure which means lost sales.

By not having a website, you are missing out on a wider customer base which means

lost sales and if your competitor has a website and you don't, you don't stand a chance.

You have an opportunity to stand out and capitalize here because people are searching for you!

They want YOUR services!

They need YOUR services!

But they will never know about your services if you don't have a website.

That's why I created

The Simple Website Creation Program

to help you create a website that will get you found and in front of your potential customers 24/7!


   Juanita is a professional in her business. She extends herself to

   others in support and training. She is upfront and honest and is  

   someone who we can all count on. Juanita rises to challenges   

   when they are presented to her and always a warm ray of

   sunshine on the other end of the phone. If you have the privilege

   of working with Juanita, you can consider yourself fortunate.


   Don't fret, Juanita  will pull it off. She is very detail oriented and

   conscientious about her work. If you have a bad memory, she can

   help with that too. She locks on to whatever task she is attempting

   to complete and she might surprise you with her accomplishments.

   She seems shy at first, but she is just humble. You will soon find 

   out that she can do whatever she sets her mind to!


  Juanita  is a success driven individual making a positive difference 

   in the world. She offers special training and services to help 

   individuals enrich their lives and achieve their goals. Her goal is to

   inspire and empower people to be multi-dimensional success 

   stories and to live their dreams

What if you were able to build instant credibility for your business?


What if you could display your products and services everyday... all day?

What if you had a system in place that generated laser targeted leads on 

autopilot and generated more sales while you sleep?!

These WhatIfs Can Become A Reality For You With My

 Simple Website Creation Program

I will teach you how to create website that will allow you to

     *  Establish your credibility so that you stand out in your industry

     *  Increase your visibility so that more people looking for what you

         have to offer can find you

     *  Provide a good customer experience by being easily contacted

     *  Show case your products and services everyday so that people can 

         have access to your offerings 24/7 and you can expand your reach

You can go from being invisible to being highly visible opening the doors

to more leads, clients and sales


Simple Website Creation Program Is For You If

  • You are ready to increase your visibility and expand your reach
  • You want to establish yourself as a leader and stand out from your competition
  • You want systems in place that will work for you 24/7 even while your sleeping to get more sales

Here's What You're Gonna Get

4 Training Videos

Workbook + Checklist

>> Simple Website Creation Breakdown: The 4 most important

     pages you need right now and how to use them to increase

visibility, establish credibility, get leads and get sales

>> Bonus: SEO Basics 3 critical things you need to know to get 

your website ranked in Google

Total Value $199

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