So Funny… I Had To Burst Out Laughing!!!

Ever been in a situation where you just burst Out Laughing and you didn’t mean to?

Many of us come across a lot of things that are funny.  In fact, I’m sure every single day, there’s something to laugh about.  Sure, right at the moment the situation that you are going through may not seem funny, but after you have been through it and put it behind you there may be cause for laughter.  Now if you’re reading my blogs, you may be starting to realize that I love humor and in fact, I said in a previous blog post how I just love, love, love, to laugh.  Though not a comedian myself, more and more I’m starting to see the humor in things and I can’t help but to burst out laughing.

Here’s an example of that.  I am a Software Engineer by trade.  I know what you’re thinking I wear the geeky little glasses and look kind of nerdish.  Well not exactly, although I have purchased some clear geeky glasses to fit the part that make me look smarter than I really am.  LOL!  Don’t want to disappoint.  ROFL!!!  Anyway, my boss asked me to do something and then goes on to explain how to do it.  Now mind you, I am a Software Engineer which means for most it comes with a Bachelor’s Degree and in my case also a MBA.  Yet this little man asked me if I knew how to use Google.  Go figure??? Now some would be insulted, but the question came off so stupid to me that I again burst out laughing.  When I finally stopped laughing, my response was… You’re kidding, right?  You do know I’m a Software Engineer which actually involves me designing the system that “YOU” work on?  Again, I burst out laughing! Any whoo…  I chose to find the humor in it.

So, would you ever think you would be able to find humor in attending a funeral service?  Well, you can count on me.  Well, not me exactly.  It was actually one of my family members (a close cousin) who is like a carbon copy of me… just a little older and wiser version.  LOL.  Anyway, she attended a funeral with a friend.  They both know one of the family members of the person that died.  The person’s name was let’s say Sue.  It just so happened that Sue was known for attending a lot of funerals… so much so that they started to call her the Career Funeral Attender.  ROFL!!!

Anyway, while they were at the funeral, they noticed that Sue was not there.  Everyone became concerned because Sue always showed up for funerals.  Well, while the funeral was going on, my cousin had to go to the restroom.  So she and one of her friends got up to do so.  As they are on their way, they passed other parlors and came across one where a lady was really besides herself.  I mean she was really crying with screaming included.

Well, my cousin and her friend continued to make their way to the restroom, but just as they were passing the end of the parlor with the lady who was let’s say really putting on a show, they caught a better glimpse of the lady.  Low and behold, it was Sue!

So they both looked at each other, somewhat bewildered, and then went in the parlor.  Once they got up to Sue, they asked her what was she doing in there?  Sue said, “I’m here because it’s my Uncle’s funeral”.  Again, they both looked at each other and swallowed hard trying to contain themselves.  They finally managed to say, “Sue, this isn’t your Uncle”.  He’s in another parlor.

Unable to contain themselves any longer, they both quickly walked out, almost running in fact, and Burst Out Laughing.

Wow! Imagine that.  LOL!!! Good thing I wasn’t there because I don’t think I would have made it to the door.  ROFL!

Yep, this would have been one of those situations where I would have burst out laughing when I didn’t mean to. LMBO :)

Until next time,


Mar, 05, 2015