Meeting Etiquette: Things Not To Do In A Meeting

Is your boss lacking meeting etiquette? Do you feel like someone should have told him things not to do in a meeting?

If you work for a company where you view your boss as less than competent then it’s time for you to get a new job.  However, some of you may not be in a position to do that just yet, so at least have a exit plan in place.

Do you ever feel like this…

meeting etiquette

Or this…

things not to do in a meeting

Well, I’m sure you’re not alone.  For those bosses out there who don’t know how to conduct productive meetings, you may want to take note of what not to do in a meeting.

Meeting Etiquette: Things Not To Do In A Meeting…

    • Don’t take phone calls
    • Don’t allow people (who are not supposed to be there) to walk into your meeting and ask you questions during the meeting
    • Don’t stop in the middle of your conversation with employees to read an email that has nothing to do with the meeting
    • Don’t go off on a tangent.  Focus on and follow the agenda.
    • Don’t let a 15 minute meeting run into an hour
    • Don’t not show up for a meeting you called
    • Don’t let your employee have to track you down for the meeting you called

Don’t Be Coined As The Incompetent Boss

All of these things make the employee feel unimportant and shows that you don’t value their time.  And… they could lose respect for you and start to feel that you are a moron and/or and incompetent boss.

If your boss is doing any of the above things, set up a one on one with him and offer ideas on how to keep meetings productive.  Be tactful because you still do have to work there for the moment.

Hope you enjoyed reading Meeting Etiquette: Things Not To Do In A Meeting. Feel free to leave your comments below.

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Mar, 10, 2015