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I am absolutely blown away by Juanita's work! She took all of my ideas and brought them to life. My website looks great and professional. From start to finish, working with Juanita has been seamless. 

Nicole Alexander NP, Health & Fitness Owner

​3 Tips To Grow Your
Med Spa Business

Average Medial Spa Revenue in 2018 Was 1.5 Million

62% of Med Spas in 2019 Expect > 10% Increase 

These are the numbers taken from the American Med Spa Association. The med spa industry is growing at a rapid pace. This is the perfect time for you to grow your med spa business. So here are 3 quick tips to get you started.

Become "The" Authority

In order to attract your ideal patients, you must show yourself as the expert. Your digital presence should educate your audience and show them you know know your craft and you have the experience to back it up.

Quality Optimized Website

There are tons and tons of websites out there. In fact, according to Internetlivestats there are 1.5 billion websites today and less than 200 million are active. Why? Because people use them as glorified brochures. They don't really know how to use them to grow their businesses. You need a fully optimized website that will pull in leads and sales. Otherwise, what is the point?

Email Marketing
Grow your business through email marketing. Most people who visit your site will never return again so you want to make sure that you capitalize on their visit by giving them valuable content in exchange for their emails. That way if they never visit your site again, you can stay in touch and move them along to potentially becoming patients.

The medical spa industry is booming. In fact, according to American Med Spa Association, medical spa revenues are expected to grow approximately 8% a year or more between now and 2022. That's great news for you! Our digital solutions can position you to be at the forefront of this growth and exponentially grow your practice. 

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    More Patients

Patients still aren't banging down your door. According to AmSpa's Industry report, attracting and retaining patients is one of the top three challenges of a medical spa. But it doesn't have to be for you. Why not leave the heavy lifting to us. Our med spa digital solutions will not only help you get new patients but will keep you booked as well. We get your practice in front of the right patients so you can focus on doing what you love.

    Your Online Reputation

These days people take to the internet to do their due diligence before investing in a business. They want to know what others have to say about your business before they shell out their precious dough. And shouldn't you be right there to deliver a glowing report? That's where reputation management comes in and we can help to put you ahead of your competition. Take charge of your online reputation with our online reputation management program.


    Your Patient Experience

Present your med spa as a luxurious experience for your patients. Every interaction from your website to the time they step through your doors and even after they leave your doors should be exceptional. We can help you to do that by putting processes in place to modernize the customer experience from easy online appointment bookings to marketing and follow-up campaign solutions. We have you covered. Your patients will love you for it and you will love us for your ROI.

Automate &...
  Enjoy Increased Profitability

Let us help you get your time back by eliminating your manual, time-sapping tasks. Our solution will significantly reduce cancellations, no-shows, and phone calls by sending automated confirmations and reminders through email and text. Your staff will love you for it and you'll get your time back and increased profitability.

Building a profitable med spa business can be daunting. Why should you have to do all the work from attracting the right patients which requires online branding and marketing, to managing your online reputation and systematizing your processes? Instead, let us focus on that while you focus on what you love.

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Who Is...
    Juanita Dailey
                       And Why Should You Listen To Her?

Juanita Dailey is a former Software Engineer with over 15+ years of experience. She has a Bachelor's degree in Information Management with a concentration in Systems Programming and an MBA with a concentration in Project Management.

She works with med spa owners, small business owners and entrepreneurs to help them establish a powerful online presence with their websites and other digital platforms. She creates digital solutions that convert and impacts the bottom line. She is especially passionate about helping businesses grow and increase profitability. She enjoys helping entrepreneurs and business owners not only build a business but build a digital empire to help them achieve financial independence.

What Others Say


Juanita is a very incredible person. In the time I have spent with Juanita, I have learned a great deal from her. She is always willing to share her experience and her knowledge, assisting all of us to prosper together, and she does this with humbleness and a sense of humor. I am very grateful to have Juanita as a business colleague. I would recommend her to anyone in business, training, and as a friend.

Cheryl Adams 

/Business Owner


Juanita is a success driven individual making a positive difference in the world. She offers special training and services to help individuals enrich their lives and achieve their goals. Her goal is to inspire and empower people to be multi-dimensional success stories and to live their dreams.

Georgi Merrigan
/Entrepreneur & Business Owner


Juanita is a professional in her business. She extends herself to others in support and training. She is upfront and honest, and is someone who we can all count on. Juanita rises to challenges when they are presented to her and always a warm ray of sunshine on the other end of the phone. If you have the privilege of working with Juanita, you can consider yourself very fortunate.

Annette Kennedy
/CEO Independent Cleaners

Alliance of Canada

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