How To Get Started With Instagram Marketing

One thing that is lacking in people starting online businesses is the fact that they don’t really know how to market.  There are many, many ways to market online and once you know that… you could easily get overwhelmed with the learning process.  In fact, you may get so consumed with learning that you aren’t actually implementing or applying.

We haven’t talked about marketing much so I’m going to start a series on marketing so you are aware of what you need to be doing to be successful online.  Let’s first get started with social media marketing.

Social media marketing should be a very integral part of your marketing strategy.  It allows people to engage with you and to get to know you and your brand.  People buy from those they like know and trust.  There are many social networks out there… and today I’m going to take a look at Instagram.

One of the best things that you can do when learning about anything is to see what the experts are saying.  Sue B. Zimmerman is known as the Instagram Gal.  She did a podcast interview with Michael Stelzner and gives a good overview as well as tips on…

  • Why marketers should consider Instagram
  • What are hashtags and why you should use them
  • How to use Instagram for your business

Check out the interview and let me know if this was helpful in the comments below.

Oct, 27, 2014