Hone In On Your Target Market


You must… must… must… hone in on your
target market.

If you don’t you may as well turn off your open sign and close up shop because you’ve just ruined your chances
of any type of success. Yes, it’s that serious.

When I first got involved with trying to build a business online, I was told probably like you many things. One of
the things that I was told was to just get online and start blogging. I thought ok, I can do that but what should I
blog about. Well, unfortunately, I got some ill advice. I was told to blog about anything. Now luckily, I didn’t blog
about my dog and my cat, the weather or spew out rants and raves or ramblings about nothing. I did blog about
somethings that had a lesson. The problem was a lesson to who. Who was I really talking to?


Well, I didn’t really have a clear picture of that. All I knew or thought I knew is that I was talking to a
very broad area of people. At the time, I didn’t think it was broad but it was. It was not my target market. Not even
remotely close. So that was problem #1.

Problem #2 was I wasn’t really addressing anything specific that my broad audience wanted to hear. Oh, I was
addressing stuff but well let’s just say not the right stuff to pull in or attract the people I was trying to reach.

Problem #3, I had no way to reach out to those people who found my stuff valuable.

This brings me to why I am writing. I don’t want you to make the mistake I did. Making this mistake has costs me
a lot in time and effort as well as missing out on a tremendous amount of clients. I know that a lot of you are
making the same mistakes that I made because I have heard the conversations, have looked at some of your
blogs/websites and have seen exactly what you are not doing which is crucial to the success of your business.

And for your newbies out there, I have also heard you as well with the struggling of getting your first clients. This
is exactly why I wanted to reach out and address this because this is the single most important thing that is
crippling your business before it even gets off the ground. Again, you must hone in on your target market.

CoSchedule has an interesting blog post you may want to read as well that talks about defining personas. I will be walking you through this so stay tuned for that. Let’s tackle this together. By the way when I say tackle this
together, I don’t mean you read or just listen depending on how you are looking at this information today. You
must get off your assets (excuse my French) and do something.

So read through this post, watch the video or listen to the audio… stop when something needs to be done
meaning go do the action item and then come back to get the next step. Ok, cool? Cool.

Now the very first thing we need to do so that you can start
attracting your ideal client, filling your client pipeline and
getting those bookings is to hone in on your target market.

Now you may have heard this before and you may have even done it before but this is only the first step.
We are going to go much deeper than that so stay tuned. If you’ve done it before, do it again because I
want to make sure you don’t miss a beat. And since I want to make this highly beneficial to you as well
as consumable and actionable, I’m going to break this down to you in a mini email series.

I was going to just write a long blog post about it, do a video and audio but you know what… that’s not
the best way to consume this. I want you to consume it and take action so I’m going to create an email
series for you. Let’s fill your pipeline. Do the steps and watch your business grow with your ideal
dream clients.

Let's get started with day 1 and you can get the rest of the email series below.

Here’s day 1: Define your offerings
For today, I want you to really get clear on what it is you’re offering. You can’t be of service to anyone if
you don’t get this right. Although, this will be a short lesson it is a very important one. So take out a
sheet of paper and answer the follow questions…

What is your main offer and what problems or challenges does it solve?
What makes it better than your competition?
Looking at your competition, what can you offer that they don’t?

That’s it for today. We’ll continue on tomorrow with the next lesson. Click on the link or image below to
get the rest of the 7 Day Email Series.

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