Help! Where Did My Enthusiasm Go?

Have You Lost Your Enthusiasm?

I’m so glad to be talking about this topic… enthusiasm.  It is so very important for every aspect in our lives.  Each time I write or talk about it, it helps me to renew my enthusiasm as well.  We don’t always come off as enthusiastic or even feel enthusiastic but it’s important to realize you need this if you are going to be successful.

Let me tell you a story.

Remember the dreaded cubicle life?

Well, some of us may still be in a cubicle, so let me step back. Remember when you got that thing you really wanted? Maybe it was a job or something you worked really hard to get.  You were excited!  You woke up every day with a smile on your face.   You couldn’t wait to get back to “that thing”.  Every day presented new opportunities… new ways for you to show your creativity… new ways for you to shine.  Yet somewhere along the line, that smile begin to diminish when you woke up.  Your excitement level was a little less every day.  Opportunities for you to show your creativity begin to dwindle. Now if you are sitting in a cubicle you know what I am talking about.  Your tasks begin to be MUNDANE.  And because it didn’t happen all at once, you didn’t notice. But now you’re like… where did my enthusiasm go?

I Didn’t Even Realize I’d Lost Enthusiasm

And because it didn’t happen all at once, you didn’t notice. But now you’re like… where did my enthusiasm go?  I know I said that already, but stick with me here… I’m going somewhere.  I didn’t even realize I’d lost my enthusiasm.  Now you will hear some people say they lost it all of a sudden. But actually that’s not the case.  Although you didn’t notice it happened over a period of time.  It’s like if you have a cup of water that has a leak in it. Each day, it is slowly dripping. Maybe it drips out a drop at a time and it’s hardly noticeable.  In fact, you don’t notice it until one day you just happen to look and it’s all gone.  This is the same way you lost your enthusiasm.  It happened slowly… so slowly that you didn’t even notice until one day you were like what happened?  I use to be so excited about this!  Where did all my enthusiasm go?

I think I have an idea…  

Some of us lack enthusiasm because we are too focused on the pains of our lives. We worry… we’re unhappy… we have financial pressures… just can’t get past the current situation which seems to have no end.

I get it… 

I really do.

No wonder, you lack enthusiasm. Now some of you may say… ok, yeah yeah, I don’t have enthusiasm… so what. Why do I need that anyway?

Here’s Why You Need To Have Enthusiasm

Having enthusiasm leads to success.  Having enthusiasm will give you the confidence to achieve anything you want no matter what skills you have.  Now don’t get me wrong, you do need to have some skill but if you’re “gong-ho” on doing whatever it is you are trying to do… you will work on whatever skills are lacking.  You see you will do whatever it takes to achieve.  That fire burning inside you will move you to success.  It will motivate you to put up a real fight.

Dr David Star Jordan once said…

“The only way to make good coffee is to put some in.” 

What does he mean by that? Well, if you don’t even have enough “umption” to put forth a good effort, you won’t be successful.  Notice I didn’t just say effort.  Half effort doesn’t count, you must put forth good effort. So… put some in.

Now that you know how important this is… look for our next post on how to get your enthusiasm back.

Until next time,


Feb, 14, 2015