Funny TV Commercials: Spoon Your Way To Health!

I love watching funny TV Commercials.

Some commercials are actually so stupid that they end up being funny.  LOL!  But, let’s step back in time.  One of my favorite TV shows to watch while growing up was Lucille Ball.  She may have been the first female TV comedian at that time(not sure).  Anyway, speaking of tv commercials, I remember when she actually did one on her TV show.  It was funny then and I still laugh about it now.  If you’re not familiar with the show, I’ll post a short clip at the end of this blog, but let me tell you a little about it now.

tv commercials

Ricky (Lucy’s husband) was asked to host a television show and receives a last minute phone call asking if he could also find a girl  to do a commercial spot for one of the sponsors. Well, in typical Lucy fashion, Lucy overhears this and begs Ricky to do the commercial. “Oh, please Ricky, please.”  No, that’s not gonna happen and I don’t want to hear another word about it, Ricky says and heads off to work.  Well, in order to convince Ricky otherwise, Lucy comes up with one of her hair brained schemes.  She asks Fred to help her pull it off.  So Ricky returns home from his band rehearsal and Fred stands by the television.  Let’s watch TV,Ricky… Fred exclaims.  Ok, says Ricky.  Once they are both seated, Lucy flips up a sheet that was covering the television and proceeds to do mock tv commercials while inside the television.  Now, I said this was hair brained.  Can you guess where the insides went?  LOL! Ricky says come on out of there.  He gets up and Lucy yells stop that go back and sit down.  ROFL!  So to teach Lucy a lesson, Ricky goes behind the television and plugs the cord in. To both his surprise and Lucy’s, they are both startled as the wiring of the television sets off a minor explosion behind her. Lucy comes out and Ricky says not put that back (meaning the television).  She looks and says she doesn’t know how.  Well, where are all the parts exclaims Ricky and Lucy points to the disassembled parts.  Good times… good times…  Can you imagine this happening in your house?  LOL!  Better yet, can you imagine be married to such a character?

TV Commercials… Gotta love ‘em

The next morning Lucy refuses to talk to Ricky.  He asks her if she could wait for a call he was expecting and she continues to ignore him and then licks out her tongue at him when he leaves the room.  So Ricky decides to ask Fred if he can wait for the call.  He was expecting a call from a girl who could do the tv commercials and wanted Fred to tell her what studio to be at and the time to be there. As this conversation is taking place, Lucy is peeking around the corner and listening.  Once Ricky leaves, Lucy sneakingly tells Fred it’s silly for you to stay here Fred.  I’m here, I will wait for the call and give the girl the message. Instead, once the girl calls, Lucy tells her they don’t need her after all clearing the way for herself to take her place instead.  Lucy gets to the studio and the director explains the commercial.  It’s a sales pitch regarding a health tonic called “Vitameatavegamin”. Unaware of the actual ingredients of the tonic, the tv commercials become quite interesting.  The tonic contains 23% alcohol, making it in effect a forty-six-proof liquor that it is not meant to be taken more than once a day. Lucy begins her first take and shows her distaste for the tonic. Not satisfied with the take, the director has Lucy do a few more.

Can you imagine what happens next?  LOL!  Take a look below.


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Feb, 12, 2015