Funny Birthday Pics and Videos: Happy Birthday To Ya!!!

Happy Birthday To Ya!

Today is your special day.  It’s your world!  To make your day even more special, just wanted to share a little humor with you to get you smiling.  Feel free to grin ear to ear if you like :)  I won’t tell.  LOL!  Anyway, I have put together some funny pictures and viral birthday YouTube videos for your enjoyment!

Anyway, Smooches… MUAH and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YA :)


happy birthday to ya

Alrighty, contain the rowdiness.  LOL!!!

Happy Birthday To Ya Chicken Rap Debut


Gotta Love the Impatient Birthday Song…

Um huh, you know what I mean :)

happy birthday to ya

Beatles Sensation Performing
Happy (you guessed it) Birthday :)


My favorite… SET IT ON FIRE!!!! Extinguisher not included.  ROFL!!!

happy birthday to ya

This is no ordinary birthday, so for you a little something, something… Thought I throw in a Birthday Mime


 Now blow out your candles…

Careful no showers, we all want a piece of that cake :)

happy birthday to ya

And of course, you must go out with a bang…

So here’s some birthday fireworks for ya!


Until next time,


Feb, 13, 2015