Failing In Your Online Business?

Ever wondered why so many people continue to fail?

Think and Grow Rich states…

The reason why poverty still clutches the throats of so many in this land of abundance is because so many have yet to comprehend and apply the mental laws.  Many, unfortunately, have not fully understood the premise: First the dream, then reality.  By failing to direct their minds on that which they desire and by allowing their thoughts to aimlessly drift to that which they do not desire, they’ve become like Job — “For the thing I greatly feared has come upon me.”

If you plant watermelon seeds, you will no doubt get watermelons.

Well… maybe.  You might get a bike.  LOL!


Anyway… moving on!

If you plant seeds for a particular type of tree, you will no doubt yield that kind of tree.

I’m not a gardener and in fact have a brown thumb when it comes to that kind of stuff …

but I do know that if you plant something on fertile ground, it will grow as long as the seeds you are putting in are good.

Now here’s a funny story…

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