The Face Behind Digital Empire Unleashed




We all want it. Well, I should’t say all, but I’m guessing if you are on this site you are looking for solutions so that you have more
control over your own life. I mean, it’s kind of a downer when…


... you've got to ask someone for time off to maybe take care of a loved one
... you’ve got to attend endless meetings at work and then put in an extra couple
of hours just to get caught up
... you’ve got to ask for time off just to attend your kids school event.


And if you’re online already, it’s certainly a downer when…


... you just can’t seem to get to that dream because you don’t know why it’s not
... you’ve made a little bit of income but not enough to sustain you


Well, I’m on a mission to change that and here’s why…

Let me start with a little background information. I really don’t get off into my personal info because I am really an introvert at heart
but I really want to share this with you so you can know that I am a real person and have challenges just like everyone else.

So, here goes…

I am a former Software Engineer that got laid off from a major insurance company. My choice was to either move to some gloomy and
dismal place or be laid off. Now, I’m not much for living in a place that is boring and quite frankly one that I can’t stand so my husband
and I decided to move to where we wanted to live and not have someone else tell us "If you want to keep this job you have to move
where we say". Un un... that wasn't happening.

Given my background as a Software Engineer for 10+ years, my husband was ok with me not working for a while because I could easily
find a job anywhere. So, I took the time to work on building my business and getting our girls acclimated to the new area. Well, a few
years later I decided to go back to work because I was just not finding success with my online business. I didn’t have any trouble getting
interviews, but had a really rough time finding work.

The feedback that came back from my interviews was we really like her but we’re not sure that she can come up to speed after being
out of work for so long. Now that's laughable because I found out later from inside sources I knew that they hired people with little to no
experience and ended up having problems with those individuals. Anyway, I finally did get a job but I was still stuck in the same dilemma.
Lack of control and freedom over my own life.

So, I continued down the entrepreneurial path... learning a ton of things and coming to the realization that a lot of people were struggling
with this. You know the biggest thing I saw is that people didn't even know what they didn’t know. Sure they followed what their upline or
company told them but for a lot of people (through no fault of their own) that was not enough because most didn't really get down to the
nitty gritty of what needed to be done in order to be successful. And if you continue down this path, your dream of freedom dies.

Now, that really made me mad and still does to this day because I know that we were put here to enjoy life and enjoying life means that
you are making a positive contribution doing what you love. Enjoying life means you must also have the freedom to do so. Having the
freedom to do so means you have to have financial vehicles in place that work for you.

If you think about it, how can you be totally free if someone else is calling the shots with when you work, how much you work and how
much they are going to pay you to work? Now, I'm not knocking Corporate America because it certainly does have its' benefits and its' place
but that's not the only way. I realized that if you don't want to be totally dependent on that, you've got to do something different.

That's why, I’m on a mission to change that whether you work in Corporate America and especially if you are already online trying to make
a go of it. Bottom line, no matter which category you fit in, we all want FREEDOM.


* Freedom to do what we want when we want…
* Freedom to sleep in late if we choose...
* Freedom to spend time with our love ones...
* Freedom to enjoy the things in life that we want to… maybe that’s traveling, participating
in charity events. If you’re like me, I love adventure and enjoy things like white water
rafting and paragliding.


Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have the ability and the means to do so. So my mission is to help as many people
as possible achieve this freedom. I say "as many as possible" but the reality is that I only work with a select few because a lot are not willing
to do the work. And that's ok, because I am about helping people who are serious about having success.

If you are really serious about having freedom to do what you want and live life on your own terms, Digital Empire Unleashed can help by
giving you the tools and resources you need. You will definitely find a lot of tools and resources on this site to get you moving in that direction.
In the online world, most people start off by earning commissions on a specific opportunity. That’s a great way to start and I can help you do
that but...

... my end game here is eventually to get you earning 100% of your own money…

... not just a piece of it where you have to wait 30, 60 or 90 days for your money.

Instead, you can earn 100% and have complete control which ultimately gets you closer to the freedom you want... closer to living the life
you want.

If that sounds like you then feel free to visit this site often for important information that will help. By the way, be sure to check out the
"Special Message To You" page as well and complete my quick 2 minute survey. I'm always
interested in knowing how I can best help you.


To your tremendous success,