Entrepreneurial Journey

Again, I am super excited to be able to connect with you and be a part of your entrepreneurial journey! Here's the audio I promised. I wish someone would have talked to me about life as an entrepreneur. It can be both challenging and very rewarding. 

If you're working a 9 to 5, chances are people aren't going to understand the entrepreneurial lifestyle and what it's all about. In fact, you may even hear stuff like... "Why don't you get a real job?" (if you're not working) or "Oh, you're doing that!" Don't let that bother you. People aren't trying to be hurtful or throw salt in your game. They just don't know and they are projecting their own self image onto you. 

Will Smith said it best...

"Don’t ever let someone tell you, you can’t do something. You got a dream, you got to protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you... you can’t do it."

As you go through your entrepreneurial journey, it's best to surround yourself with people who are on the same path as you and who will uplift you and your dreams. That's not to say to push those people aside... you just can't share that part of your life with them at this time. With that being said, we are building a supportive Facebook community of entrepreneurs to help each other grow our online empires. If you haven't already, come on over and join us.

Alright, take a listen to the audio...