Ughhhhh… Don’t Hit Outlook Reply All!

Here at Just Over Broke University, we take our jobs seriously especially when it comes to Outlook Reply All.

We love putting into place tons of processes that we don’t use, less than competent leaders at the helm (management level) and giving raises to those who don’t add value.  That’s just how we do things around here.

In fact, we recently sent an email out stating that we are currently seeking strong leaders who…

Create meaningless change

Encourages low or no computer proficiency

Ensures low levels of professionalism and resourcefulness                                          

Promotes time wasting strategies

Please reply to this email and do not hit

Outlook Reply All.

Why?  Because we are all very busy picking our noses and don’t have time to direct our attention to non-priority tasks.  And, we don’t want to bog down the system as we want to be able to pull up our Facebook accounts.

You can think of us as Dilbert Unleashed

Outlook Reply All

because we strive for incompetence.

Now we value those who don’t follow directions and insist on increasing our workload by doing so.  In fact, let me tell you about a time we took on a meaningful project.  It all started when our sales person with no technical experience developed our website.  Great effort!  Now I say great effort because it was a try at something which actually produced some sort of result.  We here at the office all know the sales portion wasn’t happening. LOL!  Yes, titles are somewhat useless around here.  We just throw them around to be able to put something on our org chart…  I mean organizational flow chart.

Anyway, we were kind of stuck with this version of a website that looked like a 5 year old put together with pictures and a few words.  Didn’t really do much for me… and the employees complained about it a lot too.  So as a result, one brilliant executive decided we needed a new website.  So that’s where I came in.  Given my technical background, I was tasked with the development of such a website.  I was told to run with it and that I had the autonomy to do what I wanted.  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  Exciting, right?  But is that before or after the autonomy was taken away 5 minutes later.  Any whoo… let’s move on.

So a contest was put into place to stop the naysayers from saying NAY.  First, we voted on the design of the website.  Now considering this is a vote and to avoid any biases, I’d like to think that all voting would be confidential so

Do Not Hit Reply ALL

Get It

                                      Don’t Use Outlook Reply ALL

Needless to say, several participants hit outlook reply all.  Despite that, we continued on with the contest as we needed to have topics that applied to our industry.  So topics were requested from the employees.  Well, guess what… one person submitted topics.  These topics were sent out (with submitter being anonymous of course) and a vote was taken stating FOR or  AGAINST the topic.  Well, some bright executive hit… you guessed it Outlook Reply All and showed as Against.  He then went on to provide an explanation as to why these titles were such a bad thing.  Now, is it just me or was that a tad insensitive.  As moderator over this whole thing, I responded but had to do so with tact.

To All,

Pointed Noted…

For future voting, please keep all voting anonymous
by just hitting reply and not 

                                 Outlook Reply All

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.


A Competent Worker

Until next time,


Mar, 06, 2015