Creating Success In Your Network Marketing, MLM Or Affiliate Marketing Biz

As a network marketer or affiliate marketer, there’s some things you should know in order to create success in your online business.

Today, I want to talk about building a team.  Building a team is a very important piece to you being successful online.

Matter fact…

… let me back up…

… sponsoring people is crucial.

Now some folks believe that once they sponsor someone that it ends there.  That’s it and they move on to the next person.  But, nothing could be further from the truth.  Actually, it is just the beginning.

You see if you want to be successful, you need to help those people that you sponsor to be successful as well.  I am not saying that you can guarantee their success because you don’t know if they will follow through with the steps you have outlined in order for them to be successful.  However, YOU SHOULD equip them with everything they need to be successful.

Ok, so now you sponsored someone into your network or affiliate marketing business.  Now the real work begins.


Start providing support and guidance IMMEDIATELY.  Your company should have fast start steps to get started.  Point them in the right direction to get this done and follow up with them in case they have questions and to make sure they are progressing.  Now if for some reason your company does not have fast start steps, create your own using what you have done to be successful.

As they are following the fast start steps, you want to make sure that you have something in place that will help them to get their first check.  This is EXTREMELY important if you want them to stick around.

If you don’t get your person to some level of success (financial or personal growth) within 90 days, they may leave and look for something else.

Find out how much they are looking to make.  Most people only need a few hundred dollars to start. Also find out what they struggled with if they were in a previous online company.  Once you help them overcome that and generate some income, they are more apt to stick around.  Focus on molding them into a superstar producer.

Now while you are helping your new person, don’t forget about you.  You need to work on the person you want to become so invest in yourself.  As one of my mentors stated, “Seek to create a Grand Canyon between you and anyone in the marketplace you compete with.”

Until next time,