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Discover 3 Tips On How To Use Blogging To Attract Your Ideal Audience

If you are new to getting exposure for your business, you’ve come to the right place.  I’m going to give you a few short tips that will help. If you are joining me from my eBook, we

Fast And Super Easy… Get Microwave Results For Your Online Biz

I want microwave results for my online business.  They told me it was going to be easy.  So and so made 10K in his first 30 days.  Why haven’t I? Are you wondering why some people

Mar, 09, 2015



Leaving Your Legacy

Isn’t it time you started thinking about leaving your legacy? You can have everything you want and also leave a legacy?  Many of us are just wandering through life looking for something… not knowing what we are looking for.  Some of us think is this all there is to life?  There’s got to be something […] Read more

The Window: Enjoying The Journey

Today we are going to get a little deep.  Let me first start off by asking… Do You Enjoy The Journey? You’re probably saying to yourself, “What’s she talking about?” Well continue reading and it will all become clear. I found this interesting story today and wanted to share it.  It is so applicable to this […] Read more

It’s Time To Bring Out The Real You

I Love, Love, Love to Laugh.    Watch this quick clip below.  It’s hilarious.    LMTO! Who thinks of this stuff?  Obviously, this guy has a lot of time on his hands.  Can you imagine working at a Drive Thru and this happens???  And the expressions of the workers… Priceless! Personally, I don’t think I […] Read more

Learn 7 Characteristics Of A Profitable Business

Here’s a quick audio for you that will help you to build your business. Have you ever wondered why one business takes

Dec, 08, 2014



Crafting Your Success Story

New to the online arena?  Or maybe you are a veteran? No matter which group you fall into, in order to become successful online you need to be able to connect to your potential prospect or your audience. This can be done by telling your story.  Many people can relate to you when you do this […] Read more

Nov, 12, 2014



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