A Simple Traffic Generation Strategy

Hey, I’m all about getting traffic and learning more about the best ways to get traffic to your site.

There are so many ways todo this from free to paid and things are always constantly changing.  So, if you are building a business online, you definitely want to check out this post where Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income talks about a simple traffic generating strategy that you can use to get more eyes on your stuff.

What he’s going to cover is a 6 step process that won’t cost you anything and will help in driving traffic to your site.  Be sure to read the entire post all the way through before you start applying his approach.  He mentions some very important points such as gaging the activity of a site/forum.

Check it out and after implementing, post your results here.

Here’s the link…  “A Simple Traffic Generation Strategy You’re Probably Not Using – Take It!”

Until next time,