11 Ways To Get Your Enthusiasm Back

In my last post, “Help! Where Did My Enthusiasm Go?“, I stated we would be talking about ways to get your enthusiasm back.  This is very important if you are on the success track.  You have to keep that momentum going.  So here’s a post that will help!

Oh… and no it’s not you.

Well, actually it is.

We all go through it.  You just need to find ways to pull yourself out of it.

Here are 11 Ways To Get Your Enthusiasm Back

  1.  Act as if it is so until it is so.  We have all heard this before. If you are feeling sad and you start smiling.  Sooner or later, you are going to starting feeling happy.  So act enthusiastic.
  2. Pull from positive moments.  Reflect on things in your life that are positive such as past achievements.
  3. Don’t focus on the negative.  You know that will just bring you down, right?
  4. Now, you have probably heard this time and time again but it does work.  I thought it wouldn’t.  I was like… pssst… seriously? But when I actually took the time to do it, it worked.  Make a gratitude journal. You’d be amazed once you’ve had some time to compile this how it helps.
  5. This is similar to the gratitude journal except it’s a happy journal. Use it to record your happy moments such as times you spent with your family, trips, etc.
  6. Be sure to surround yourself around people who exude enthusiasm (if that’s even a phrase). Anyway, it rubs off just like negativity.
  7. Get your energy level up.  You can’t be enthusiasic if you’re like blah, blah, blah.  You know what I mean
  8. Take one small bite.  Don’t try to tackle world hunger here all at once.Ya feel me 🙂  
  9. Be sure to map out your goals along with steps and a timeline on achieving them.
  10. Take a break and spend some time enjoying what you like.  Poor grammer, I know. Anyway… Me personally, I love to play Ms. Pacman.  Now I can play this at home, on the internet or take a quick trip to a nearby arcade to get out the house
  11. By all means, find something to laugh about.

Here’s a bonus video with 3 excellent tips for entrepreneurs on “3 Ways to Infuse Creativity and Enthusiasm” into your business. Enjoy! Share your comments on how you infuse enthusiasm back into your business.

Would love to hear from you how you stay enthusiastic. Please share in the comments below.

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Feb, 17, 2015